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Vitamin D

Vitamin D is an often over looked vitamin; it is essential 
for a healthy body and it is more deficient the further a 
person lives from the equator. This vitamin is of course 
gotten from the sun. When the sun lands on your skin, your 
body manufactures Vitamin D , which is then absorbed 
through the skin into the body. So wait a half hour to 
shower after being in the sun, to give your body time to 
synthesize and absorb the vitamin D. The health of your 
immune system, bone health, proper growth and hormonal 
health all need Vitamin D to work. Fifteen minutes in the 
sun three times a week is what a body needs; you can also 
get D from Cod/halibut liver oil, dairy products and fish. 
So why is this vitamin so very important? Babies and 

children need it for proper growth of their bones and 
teeth. Your immune system can suffer if you don’t have 
enough vitamin D. It also plays a part in regulation of 
the heart beat, muscle functioning and in proper hormone 
The daily recommended dose for an adult is 200 to 400 
IU, but remember the further away you live from the 
equator, the more deficient you can be. You will also get 
more vitamin D on sunny days and during the summer, so you
can cut back on your cod/halibut liver oil during the 
summer. I have personally found that Halibut Liver Oil is 
one of the supplements that has really helped boost my 
immune system and that I feel a lot better when I get 
enough sun. So by exposing your face, arms and legs for 15 
minutes three times a week to the sun, the production of 
vitamin D slows after you get a suntan, you can obtain 
enough Vitamin D for a healthier You.



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