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Help with Inflammation

A few years ago, I had a back injury. You know when a staff member leaves, business goes up and the company chooses to not replace the person that left? I was then stuck with all the extra work in the same amount of time. Worker’s Comp said it wasn’t work related so I received no time off from work to heal my back and because I am a single parent, I just couldn’t take time off with no pay to heal the inflammation in my back.
I thought the back injury would heal with time, but with the constant heavy lifting and pulling, the inflammation kept coming back and even worsened, as I could feel it going down my right leg and arm. The pain and inflammation affected my home life, I couldn’t lift my daughter anymore, she was three years old. I couldn’t keep up the housework and as I was the only one to do it, the clutter grew. Even standing in line hurt a lot. The pain was relieved with sitting down, but of course a working parent hasn’t much time for sitting down!!!
I tried many remedies for the pain and inflammation, natural herbal remedies and drug remedies. Then I started going back to the Chiropractor; I still go, two and a half years later, just about every two weeks, as I find it really helps.
I went to a seminar on a new product for inflammation, a natural product, as I prefer to take natural products. The seminar was on CELADRIN. So I decided to try this natural product for pain and inflammation. My injury has not healed completely because of the constant lifting I must do at my job, but the difference is amazing! I can now stand in line without pain and do my housework without stopping to sit constantly. If my back hurts after a day at work, I take two more Celadrin in the evening (I take two natural anti-inflammatories every morning). The Celadrin will either get rid of the back pain or diminish it to a liveable level. I have discovered over the last few years that being in pain makes you feel tired and grumpy. Getting rid of or even lessening the pain makes you feel more energetic and happy.
This Natural Anti-inflammatory, has performed very well in double-blind studies, while having minimal to no side effects. Celadrin is a combination of oxygen stable fatty acids, which means it does not react with Oxygen. You know when you cut an apple and expose it to oxygen, it starts to brown, or when your car starts to rust, supplements usually start to oxidize after you open the bottle, but Celadrin remains stable.
Celadrin works in many ways to reduce the inflammation in your body; it works on the joints, skin, gums and any other inflamed parts. It helps out the part of your immune system that is responsible for the inflammation. By reducing the inflammation in a natural way, is also slows the breakdown of cartilage in the joints and also provides lubrication so the joints have more movement and flexibility.
Lets talk about diet for a bit. If you are constantly eating and drinking sugars and caffeine, your body will become and stay "acidic". An acidic body leads to the "itis" conditions, in other words conditions that stem from inflammation: arthritis, bursitis, gingivitis and any other "itis" you can think of. In order for any natural supplement to work, you must cut down on sugars, white flour products (which turn to sugar immediately in the body) and caffeine. Cut them out slowly as you will get withdrawal symptoms, as your body is used to consuming them. Switch to whole grains, instead of white pasta and breads; sprouted grain breads are the best. Switch to fruits instead of candies, cakes and cookies. Drink more green tea to replace the coffee or colas you have reduced; green tea has caffeine also, but is much more balanced and healthy for your body. If you prefer no caffeine, drink Rooibos tea, or other caffeine-free teas. Drink more pure water, eat more veggies

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