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Healthy Pets

     Just as we have to watch what we put into our bodies, so should we watch what we put into our pet’s bodies. They are just as susceptible to diseases as we are. Diabetes, heart disease, cancer, arthritis, eczema and obesity, are all conditions that our animal friends are getting. Just as with people, we can help to prevent these in our pets.

    Pure water should be provided at all times, make sure the water is reverse osmosis or spring water, as no one should be drinking tap water. Water helps to lubricate the joints; it keeps the body temperature in check and helps to transport the nutrients in and the waste products out.

    Healthy Food can nourish the body, keeping it strong, young and healthy. Many of the pet foods are so full of chemicals, grains and meat by-products. Our pets do not need artificial colours and flavours, BHA, BHT and meat by-products. The grains used in the regular pets foods are usually corn, soybean meal and wheat shorts and middlings. All of these have little nutritional value. The meal and the middlings are just the outer flakes after processing, so any nutrition like essential fatty acids, have been taken out. A whole food diet is ideal, but if your pet will not eat this, there are natural pet foods on the market. They contain foods such as: real chicken meal, real salmon meal, whole eggs, whole brown rice, barley, potatoes and other veggies, cranberries and other fruits. They often have added supplements like: yucca, alfalfa, flax, GLS, MSM, kelp, taurine, vitamins and minerals. You should also look for added essential fatty acids.

    Supplements can also be used to keep your pet healthy. Essential Fatty Acids, like flax, fish and other oils, are good for the skin, the nerves, coat and heart. There are also many other formulas on the market; formulas specially made for the urinary/kidney area, the liver, the heart, the skin and for emotional problems. Because herbs can act differently on an animal, it is best to buy a specially made formula, rather than just giving them whatever you take.

    Because our animal friends are so close to us, they can pick up on our stress; if your animal becomes too stressed, Rescue Remedy from Bach Flower, can be used. Animals can have emotional problems just like us, which can cause strange behavior, like chewing at their fur. Giving the Rescue Remedy if it’s a short term problem, changing their food to a more nutritious food and adding certain supplements, like essential fatty acids or B vitamins, can all help calm the nerves. Even just petting your animal can help to lower their blood pressure, along with your own. So take good care of your pets and they in turn, will take good care of you!

The pictures are of my beloved cat Tinky who passed on November 21st, 2012.......she was with me for 20 1/2 years

      Here is her life story with pictures.

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