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Healthy Foods

Many of us think we eat healthy, but what is healthy eating? Consuming a good diet consists of a few different things, most of which I will discuss in this article. Going back to Natural eating, consuming less refined and sugary products, chewing your food, and reading the ingredients of the food we eat are some ways to Healthier eating.

     Our diet has become so pre-packaged, full of preservatives and chemicals, much of it not even real food. I know we have less time for cooking, so these foods are convenient, but we can learn to make better natural choices. More whole grains, more fresh fruits and veggies. Look for Msg, aspartame, artificial colours and flavours, along with other chemicals. These were not meant to be in our bodies. Going back to nature is the key for healthier eating. Instead of having a coke and a chocolate bar for your break, make a sandwich on whole grain bread. Instead of just having fries, eat some veggies with them. A little change in your diet is better than no change.

    White flour products and sugar are consumed way too much in our society. They cause obesity, diabetes and many other health conditions. Because there is no fiber, the sugars are released into the blood stream at too fast of a level. When we eat a fruit, vegetables and whole grains, the sugars are released slowly. Higher fiber diets are one protection against colon cancer, along with the fact they help cleanse the toxins out. Fiber will also help with weight loss.

    Chewing your food well is important as your stomach has no teeth to chew and it will put more strain on your digestive system, as will eating under stress. Make sure you take a few calming breaths before eating and let go of the stress at least for a little while. Remember not to drink a lot of fluid with your meals and not to combine too many different foods at one meal.

    To know what you are really eating, read the labels! Many foods are full of chemicals and fillers. Cornstarch in yogurt, cereals full of sugars, 10% juice, what’s the other 90%? You’ll be amazed at what is really in your food!

    Eating a healthier diet will take time so be patient. First you need to be aware, and then educate yourself. Step by step you will change your diet and become healthier in the process.

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