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Healing Emotions

     When you work on healing yourself, you begin to heal those around you; I know this to be personally true.  So in healing yourself, you also help heal the world.
    For healing and personal growth, there are so many resources available.  First find the areas in your life that challenge you; you have to identify where you need help in order to begin to heal and better your person.  You may need help with loving yourself, or attracting money and abundance, or maybe you need help quieting your mind, or softening your anger?
     Then obtain books, e-books, Dvd's, recordings, meditations, or whatever else you feel may help you.  Visiting different healers in your area can also help......reiki, energy healers, massage, acupuncture, EFT and the list goes on; find what works for you.  Learning yoga, tai chi, deep breathing and meditation are also great to help you on your healing journey.
    Don't expect to heal everything in a few weeks, as when you get past one layer, there is often another one, like layers of an onion.  You will find that certain people, places or happenings might trigger something in you.......when this happens, stop and think about what happened and your reaction.  Don't let those triggers control you.
    If something does cause a trigger, causing you to feel angry, hurt or depressed, then stop, take a breath and analyze where the feeling is coming from.  Once you are aware of this reaction, it will no longer control you.


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