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Seasonal Allergy Help

   Its that time of year again, the time when many of us suffer with sneezing, stuffy noses and other spring pollen complaints. There are Natural ways to combat these spring allergies.  Eating a healthier diet, more fruits and vegetables, drinking more pure water and let’s not forget about supplements especially for this condition.  Supplements such as:  grapeseed, Quercetin, nettles, bee pollen, vitamin C, green powders and others great products, can be used to build up your body to help combat these spring allergies.

   Grapeseed can help build up your system so you are not so affected by allergies.  It works as an antioxidant, an anti-inflammatory and helps Vitamin C work better.  You should saturate your body with grapeseed the first five days, by taking 1mg per pound of body weight for five days, then lower the dose to one or two capsules a day.  Pycnogenol can be used in place of Grapeseed.

       The herb Nettles is rich in chlorophyll, minerals, along with A and C vitamins.  This herb is a good for building the system to combat allergies and hay fever.  It should be taken in capsule or tea form, but do not go picking it yourself unless you know what you are doing; its other name is stinging nettle!  I have heard that Nettles is effective from customers who were taking it for relief from pollen born allergies.

     Bee Pollen is rich in proteins, enzymes and many vitamins; it is known as one of the “Super Foods” because of its high nutritional content.  Bee Pollen has been mentioned throughout history as a highly prized food.  It is used for stress, allergies, fatigue, building the immune system and other conditions and has an antimicrobial effect in the body.  If you suspect an allergy to Bee Pollen, try a very small amount first and watch for any reactions.

    Quercetin is a Bioflavonoid; antioxidant substances that give the fruits and vegetables their bright colours.  This Bioflavonoid is particularly great for airborne allergies, as it acts as an antihistamine in the body.  This antihistamine does not cause drowsiness.  Quercetin is also good for asthma, for any allergic inflammation and for building the immune system.  Bromelain from pineapple, helps the absorption of quercetin, so they are best taken together.
       Greens are good for cleansing and alkalizing the body; when we are more alkaline, we have less illness and more energy.  Eating more dark, leafy greens and/or taking a green powder supplement are both great ideas for health.  I have found that green drinks help my immune system to be stronger and I also have more energy. Go easy on Greens if you are on blood thinners.
       What can we say about Vitamin C?  It is good for all sorts of healing, including allergies.  It should be taken with Bioflavonoids and the dosages should be spread out during the day, as it is water soluble and will wash out if too much is taken all at once.   A dosage of 1000mg once or more times a day is good.  If you find it too acidic, purchase Ester C.


Homeopathic Allergy remedies can also be quite helpful, match the symptoms on the label to your symptoms. Place the dose under your tongue at least 20 minutes before or after food, drink, etc. Longer for gum, toothpaste, coffee and anything mint.

    There are other supplements good for allergies, but grapeseed, nettles, bee pollen quercetin, greens and vitamin C are good places to start.  You can also try a combination of herbs, vitamins or minerals, as these can work better than just one substance alone.  Everyone has to find what works for their own body.

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